In the small town of Curryville, PA, with a population of less than 100, under the stewardship of Lyonel Ritchey, a small general store was opened, catering to the needs of the local farming community, called Curry Supply. Curryville was the foundational ground, not to mention where the name “Curry” originated. Curry Supply grew into one of the nation’s premier industrial truck manufacturers from these small-town needs.

1932 – 1955: Inception and Expansion

During the early days in Curryville, Curry Supply, under the leadership of Lyonel Ritchey, exemplified community service through its role as a general store. The pivotal year 1955 saw an expansion initiative, with the establishment of a feed mill and grain storage facility to enhance local service provisions.

1967 – 2000: Strategic Initiatives and Diversification

In 1967, Curry Supply began diversifying its operations, entering the domain of used truck sales and laying the groundwork for a systematic evolution. In the early 1970s, the closure of the feed mill prompted Curry Supply to pivot towards selling industrial equipment and trucks, broadening its product spectrum to encompass bulldozers, loaders, log skidders, and truck tractors.

1988 – 2000: Manufacturing Excellence and Client-Centric Practices

The late 1980s marked a transformative phase for Curry Supply as manufacturing operations were initiated. The assembly of cutting-edge equipment, including Lube and Water Trucks, emphasized the company’s commitment to continual innovation. By 1996, Curry Supply introduced comprehensive full-service solutions, ensuring a seamless customer experience from acquisition to delivery.

2000 – 2001: Augmenting Capabilities

Entering the new millennium, Curry Supply underwent a substantial manufacturing assembly expansion in 2000. Establishing a dedicated assembly shop in Curryville, PA, further enhanced the company’s capabilities and solidified its status as an industry leader.

2001 Onward: Perpetuating the Commitment

In 2001, Curry Supply continued to elevate its service standards by introducing field services and delivering on-site repair solutions for clients. This commitment to customer-centric practices marked another pivotal milestone in Curry Supply’s journey.


From its origins in Curryville to its present stature as a leader in the industry, Curry Supply’s evolution reflects a trajectory characterized by strategic vision, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The initial establishment in Curryville laid the groundwork for a company that consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and service. Today, Curry Supply stands as an emblem of excellence in the commercial service vehicle manufacturing industry, a testament to the transformative journey that commenced in the heart of Curryville.

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About Curry Curry Supply: From General Store to Industry Apex

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