Curry Supply’s capabilities in steel fabrication are dynamic and customizable. In addition to producing reliable, high-quality vehicles that are engineered for optimal performance, Curry Supply takes pride in working through projects with each customer to manufacture specialized products for a variety of industries. This approach truly takes the entire manufacturing process to a new level with excellent execution of every step. 

In this case study, we review our partnership with Defenshield to highlight the expansive capacity of our facility and team, and our ability to provide superior products and services to customers around the world.



Defenshield, founded in 2002, is the global leader in anti-terror and force protection physical security. The company began when founder Collins White developed a security solution in the aftermath of September 11th, when airport security was at its highest. He saw a need for a specialized product that provided head-to-toe protection in a mobile platform for law enforcement security personnel who were now entrusted with ensuring a secure experience for travelers across the country.

Expert design paired with creative ideation led to the very first product, the Mobile Defensive Fighting Position, also called the MDFP. It’s also rebranded SafePoint and utilized in both government and private sectors, including military and federal agencies. As a service-disabled, veteran-owned business, Defenshield takes pride in building safety, functionality, and convenience into every product.



Defenshield designs and produces highly customizable products to accommodate unique customer requests. As a result of incredible growth, the leadership team realized they needed a manufacturing partner with extensive capabilities to support the continued success of the company. 



In 2016, Defenshield began working with Curry Supply. In 2021 the working relationship developed into an even more meaningful partnership.

“We chose Curry Supply as our primary manufacturing partner because of their in-house capabilities,” said Jordan Settle, Executive Vice President. “Their capabilities far surpass other fabricators because of their expansive facilities, technologically advanced equipment, and experienced team of engineers.”


Curry Supply excels as a one-stop shop for customized steel fabrication. It might be surprising to learn that, in addition to commercial vehicles, the team at Curry contributes to the manufacturing process for specialized equipment, such as the products developed by Defenshield.

From an advanced Bistronics 6k laser to the press brakes necessary to bend steel, the facilities at Curry Supply are excellent, offering the full spectrum of support. “Once you see Curry’s facilities and learn about their capabilities, it’s a no-brainer that they can build anything. They are the subject matter experts on the manufacturing process. And that guarantees our customers are getting the best possible product that’s out there,” added Settle.

Most products developed by Defenshield are custom designed, which requires a synchronized approach from the engineering and manufacturing teams at both companies. Through this strong partnership with Curry Supply, engineers at Defenshield can confidently share product designs and engage in a dialogue which optimizes the product in its development phase and ultimately makes each product more functional. 

“Everyone at Curry Supply is hard working and down to earth – from the skilled craftsman to the executives; and they have a vested interest in building quality products in America. They value our partnership, knowing that they’re helping manufacture products that are saving lives throughout the world.”

If your business requires custom manufacturing capabilities, you can depend on the entire team at Curry Supply to provide unmatched service. When you think Curry Supply, think exceptional manufacturing, responsive field service and flexible financing. Curry Supply is your distinctive partner for individualized, round-the-clock support.

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About Curry Curry Supply & Defenshield: A Case Study

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