Curry Supply Co. Continues Its Partnership with Versatran by Adding the Newly Unveiled 6T Retriever to Its Offer

Versatran 6T Aerial ViewMartinsburg, PA, United States As soon as Versatran launched its new 6T Retriever®, its partner and one of the largest commercial truck manufacturers in the United States Curry Supply announced that the innovative product would be included in its own offering as well.

Given how successful Curry Supply’s partnership with Versatran has been so far, there was no question about whether Curry Supply would pounce on the opportunity to present the 6T to its customers. Namely, the 6T Retriever brings to the table all the industry-leading features of its predecessors, the 15T and 20T Retrievers, but does not require drivers to possess CDL licenses. Curry Supply is currently taking pre-orders for the 6T from customers across the country.

For customers across the nation looking to save time and money on hauling and delivery of equipment and materials and maintenance of vehicles, the Retriever line has been the all-in-one solution, what with its high degree of flexibility and nimble design that features an air-operated curved platform, a low center of gravity, and shallow loading angle. These features translate directly into excellent hauling capacity, rapid cycle times, swift deck and ramp deployment, and idle-free system operation. All these benefits used to be reserved exclusively for customers with CDL licenses, but not anymore. With its hauling capacity of up to 12,000 lbs. of payload, the non-CDL 6T takes things to the next level.

As Jeff Shaw, vice president of sales and marketing, of Curry Supply put it: “We are excited to announce that our offer of Versatran products has been upgraded to include its latest product, the non-CDL 6T. This expansion of the Retriever pack enables us to help a larger and more diverse base of clients achieve higher ROI while taking advantage of the latest developments in the industry, as epitomized by Versatran’s entire Retriever line. We have excellent shipping capabilities and customers who order their Retriever from us now can expect delivery as early as late summer.”

To connect with a Curry Supply sales team member to discuss the 6T Retriever, call 800-345-2829 or email

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About Curry Curry Supply Co. Continues Its Partnership with Versatran by Adding the Newly Unveiled 6T Retriever to Its Offer

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