At Curry Supply, our commitment to cultivating the potential of our workforce is exemplified through innovative programs aimed at fostering growth and development. October 2023, the Curry Skill Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) Program within our Assembly Division was launched, reflecting our steadfast dedication to investing in the professional advancement of our employees. Through tailored training, hands-on experiences, and opportunities for skill refinement, we empower our team members to excel in their roles and earn the chance to receive tangible certifications. The SEED Program is a cornerstone of our efforts to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and excellence, providing every individual with the tools and support necessary to realize their full potential.

Assembler Class Descriptions

Assembler Classes are divided into three categories, representing different skill levels. Class I Assembler (Entry Level) at Curry Supply offers an opportunity for individuals with a basic understanding of truck assembly to kickstart their career in this field. As an Entry Level Assembler, you will leverage your experience with hand and power tool operations to contribute to the assembly process. Proficiency in following build instructions is essential for ensuring precision and accuracy in the assembly of components. Moreover, a willingness to train and learn, as there is the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge across various assembly operations involved in all truck builds. This role serves as a foundational step for individuals looking to grow and develop within the assembly division at Curry Supply, providing a supportive environment for professional advancement and success.

The Class II Assembler (Mid- Level) position represents an integral role within our assembly division, requiring a higher level of expertise and skill. Mid- Level Assemblers, demonstrate proficiency in truck assembly, ensuring that each component is integrated to meet our exacting standards of quality and performance. A knowledge of electrical wiring best practices, along with your expertise in hydraulic and air system installation and operation, will be crucial in ensuring the functionality and reliability of our truck builds. Additionally, experience with PTO installation and the ability to interpret build schematics are essential for executing complex assembly tasks with precision. Individuals will also have the opportunity to share expertise by training others, which contributes to the continuous improvement of our assembly processes. With a demonstrated track record of high performance and the ability to work effectively with minimal direction, individuals will play a key role in driving the success and innovation of Curry Supply’s assembly operations.

The Class III Assembler (Senior Level) role epitomizes mastery in truck assembly, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of all systems and components. Senior Assemblers excel in troubleshooting, adeptly diagnosing and resolving issues to ensure the seamless integration of complex systems. Their proficiency extends to interpreting wiring and building schematics with precision, guiding the assembly process with accurate efficiency. Moreover, Senior Assemblers play a pivotal role in challenging builds, offering innovative solutions, and leading the team through intricate tasks with confidence. Their expertise is not limited to technical prowess; individuals also excel in leadership, effectively managing and mentoring others to elevate the performance and cohesion of the assembly team. In this senior-level role, assemblers demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a capacity to drive success across all aspects of truck assembly at Curry Supply.

Skill Assessment and Program Requirements

To advance from Class I to Class II within Curry Supply’s SEED Program assembly division, assemblers must successfully complete a comprehensive evaluation which consists of four key components. Firstly, individuals must demonstrate proficiency in PTO installation by successfully completing a full mechanical and electrical installation on an on-road water or mechanic truck. This installation is evaluated by a supervisor or director at Curry Supply. Secondly, employees are required to plumb hydraulic and air lines in a mechanics truck, with backup build types being Retriever or Attenuator if a mechanic truck is unavailable. This task is also evaluated by the designated supervisors. Thirdly, individuals must fulfill educational requirements by either completing both LunchBox Session courses covering Hydraulic and Electrical systems or passing one of three ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) courses. These options include Truck Equipment Installation and Repair (E1), Electrical/Electronic Systems (E2), or Auxiliary Power Systems (E3). Finally, to successfully complete the evaluation, employees must achieve an annual evaluation score of 35 or higher. This comprehensive evaluation process ensures that individuals advancing to Class II possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and performance standards to excel in their roles within the assembly division.

To progress from Class II to Class III within Curry Supply’s assembly division, employees must successfully complete an evaluation comprising four key components. Firstly, individuals are required to demonstrate their leadership capabilities by leading the installation of a mechanic truck, which includes components such as a crane, compressor, and Enpak, to name a few. This task evaluates their ability to handle the most challenging builds over multi-day events and is assessed by a supervisor or director. Secondly, employees must complete both LunchBox Session courses covering Electrical and Hydraulic systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these critical aspects of assembly work. Thirdly, individuals must earn two of three ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Truck Equipment Certifications, with options including Installation and Repair (E1), Electrical/Electronic Systems (E2), or Auxiliary Power Systems (E3), demonstrating their proficiency in specialized areas of truck equipment. Finally, to successfully complete the evaluation, employees must achieve an annual evaluation score of 35 or higher, reflecting their overall performance and commitment to excellence. This thorough evaluation process ensures that individuals advancing to Class III possess the leadership, skills, knowledge, and performance standards necessary to excel in their roles within the assembly division.


The LunchBox Training Sessions at Curry Supply focus on Electrical and Hydraulic modules, encompassing essential lessons in these critical areas. Approximately 15 hours are dedicated to Electrical training and 25 hours to Hydraulic training, employees engage in a comprehensive learning experience. Training materials include readings, videos, simulations, puzzles, and quizzes, ensuring a multifaceted approach to skill acquisition. Each employee is provided with their own account to track progress and completion. Supervisors play a pivotal role in monitoring session times and quiz scores, with a passing grade of 80% required for advancement. It is expected that all employees successfully pass these sessions before progressing to the next level, ensuring a thorough understanding of core concepts and skills vital to their roles within the company.

In-House Training for SEED Program Assembly Division encompasses various avenues aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of our workforce. The LunchBox Sessions offer a comprehensive curriculum, requiring 35-40 hours to complete the Electrical and Hydraulic Modules, with an estimated completion time of four months. Employees engage in self-paced training sessions for a minimum of 4 hours per month. Additionally, instructor-led sessions will be integrated as necessary. To prepare employees for ASE Truck Equipment Certification, Curry provides E1, E2, and E3 ASE Study Guides, available for checkout one at a time, with organized ASE-specific training sessions slated to commence in early 2024. Moreover, various additional training topics, including NTEA Electrical, Rigging, Plumbing, Torquing, Paint Touchup, and DOT Inspections, are covered. Curry continues its partnership with the Stellar Training Team to enhance efficiency and quality in mechanic truck builds. Each location will appoint a training leader responsible for training administration and the formulation of training plans, ensuring the seamless execution and effectiveness of our training initiatives company wide.


The ASE Truck Equipment Certification Program stands as a hallmark of excellence within the commercial truck and transportation equipment industry. Developed under the auspices of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), the Truck Equipment Series tests were meticulously crafted by a dedicated group of 23 volunteers from National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) member companies across the United States. These volunteers, representing managers with extensive service backgrounds, first-line shop supervisory personnel, and practicing technicians, contributed their expertise to ensure the rigorous standards of the certification program. Fully funded by NTEA, this initiative serves the collective benefit of the entire industry, emphasizing the importance of skilled professionals in maintaining and servicing commercial trucks and transportation equipment. The program offers two tiers of certification: the ASE Certified Truck Equipment Technician, which requires passing one or more tests along with two years of experience, and the prestigious ASE Master Truck Equipment Technician, attained by passing all three tests in the series and meeting the requisite experience requirements. This certification program sets a high standard for competency and proficiency in truck equipment maintenance and repair, reflecting the commitment to excellence upheld by ASE and NTEA.

Benefits of the Program

Professional training and certifications offer a multitude of benefits for both Curry employees and the company as a whole. Firstly, investing in training and certifications provides a pathway for career advancement, ultimately leading to a better living for our employees. Obtaining certifications serves as tangible proof of individual achievement, fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose among employees and increasing retention rates. ASE certifications are recognized internationally, and further validate the expertise of our workforce. Additionally, commitment to professional development demonstrates Curry’s dedication to growth and quality. By investing in training, we showcase our commitment to improving the quality and consistency of our products, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, training initiatives expand the technical knowledge of our employees, ensuring that they remain adept at handling evolving challenges and technologies. Ultimately, professional training and certifications play a crucial role in cultivating the next generation of skilled workers and shaping the future success of our business.

Employee Reviews and Career Planning
Mapping employees’ training and career progression during annual reviews at Curry Supply is a structured and essential process aimed at fostering professional development and advancement. As part of the SEED program, career progression planning is mandatory for all Class I and II Assemblers, ensuring a deliberate focus on their growth within the organization. For Class III Assemblers, annual reviews shift towards assessing and developing management and leadership skills. During these reviews, employees engage in discussions regarding their short-term and long-term career goals, allowing for strategic planning and alignment of objectives. Current strengths and weaknesses are identified and discussed, with a focus on developing a plan to address areas of improvement. Supervisors provide valuable feedback on annual performance and collaborate with employees to devise plans for advancing qualifications and improving skills throughout the upcoming year. The review process also includes scheduling internal and/or external training sessions, with Class II and III Assemblers expected to lead formal training sessions as part of their leadership responsibilities. Finally, the outcomes of the annual review are documented, and signed, serving as a roadmap for their ongoing development and progression within the company.


The comprehensive benefits of professional training and certifications are pivotal for both Curry employees and the company as a whole, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to fostering fearless, driven, and proven individuals through initiatives like the SEED Program. By investing in training and certifications, we provide a clear pathway for career advancement, empowering our employees to enhance their skills and qualifications to improve overall livelihoods. Certifications serve as tangible proof of our employees’ achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose while enhancing retention rates within our workforce. Recognized internationally, ASE certifications validate the expertise of our employees, instilling confidence in their abilities among clients and partners alike. Our commitment to professional development underscores Curry Supply’s dedication to growth and quality, positioning us as leaders in the industry. Through ongoing training initiatives, we continuously expand the technical knowledge of our employees, ensuring they remain adept at navigating evolving challenges and technologies. In cultivating fearless, driven, and proven individuals, Curry not only secures its present success but also lays the groundwork for a prosperous and sustainable future.

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