When critical machinery breaks down and halts operations at a job site, having a well organized service truck to haul equipment and perform the repair work can greatly reduce expensive downtime. Service trucks are a common addition to the fleets of large operations, such as highway support, mining, civic utility, and rail work. They are also often used by independent mechanics for mobile repair.

In order to meet the repair needs of various industries, service trucks need to be able to store all the necessary replacement parts and tools in an organized manner for easy access. If you are looking for mechanic/service trucks with a crane for sale and want to learn how to optimize the storage configuration of your vehicle, keep on reading to discover 9 expert tips.

How do I organize a service truck?

As service trucks need to be kitted out with a whole range of repair tools and equipment, it can become disorganized fairly quickly. Luckily, you can boost productivity, efficiency, and earning potential by using the following storage configuration tips:

1. Empty the service truck

The easiest way to start organizing your truck is to remove all the tools from it and start from scratch. Make sure to lay down and organize the tools where you can easily see them and identify the best ways to categorize them by size, shape, and purpose. This will also help you determine whether you need to purchase extra storage options for your truck and declutter your tools efficiently.

2. Organize by frequency of use

Make sure to arrange your tools by frequency and priority of use. The tools used the most should be placed closer to the access points, while those that are used rarely can be placed at the back of your service trucks.

3. Declutter your tools

Accumulating impractical and rarely used tools is the first step to cluttering your service truck. Make sure to rid your storage space of items you don’t need to maximize usable space and increase productivity. You should also make sure to get rid of factory boxes and consider purchasing custom storage boxes with adjustable dividers and shelves.

4. Store items by size and weight

We recommend loading the bulkiest and heaviest equipment first closer to the floor near the cab to prevent damage. Smaller items should be arranged around larger equipment, or on overhead racks to free up some space. Essentially, you should load your tools from bottom to top, arranging them in a way that enables easy access. You should also make sure to leave sufficient space around the tools to move around and access your tools.

5. Get creative with storage areas

Service trucks often have various nooks and crannies that can be used to store smaller tools. For instance, the cab typically offers some extra space, such as in the doors, under the seats, and at the back of seats. You can use compact tool cases and drawers to keep smaller items, as well as magnetized strips to hang your metal tools. You can also store all your paperwork in the cab.

6. Utilize underbody toolboxes

Another good way to optimize your storage space is to incorporate an underbody toolbox. This can help you avoid impractical overloading and provide you with extra truck bed space.

7. Anchor your equipment

You can make sure your equipment remains in place when the service truck is in motion by using anchor points and bungee ropes to anchor it.

8. Get extra lighting

In order to effectively and productively use your tools, you need to be able to see them properly inside the truck. Consider purchasing additional lighting solutions to ensure visibility.

9. Ensure safety

9 Tips on How to Organize Your Service Trucks

Road safety should come first for anyone operating a service truck. Make sure that your truck has safety features such as spot mirrors, back-up cameras, and parking sensors.

Where do I find quality mechanic/service trucks with a crane for sale?

Curry Supply is your top pick if you are searching for a dependable service truck for your business. Whether you want to purchase a ready-made vehicle or customize your mechanics/service truck, we can provide you with a reliable tailored solution for your industry-specific needs. Owing to our vast experience, we are also able to provide you with all the truck-related information you may need and dispel any service truck myths you may have heard. Get in touch with us today and find out why our trucks are the best choice for your industry.


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