Since 1932, Curry Supply has become your trusted partner in manufacturing, engineering, parts distribution, and field service. Our unique approach to doing business sets us apart from the competition, along with our reliable solutions, logistics capabilities, and efficient use of modern technologies. We’re dedicated to supporting customers’ growth potential by living our values, which are focused on our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. 


Today we introduce our new blog series, “Here for the Long Haul,” to demonstrate our immeasurable commitment to our customers, dealers, suppliers, and stakeholders. During the next two months, we will share tips, tricks, and lessons learned, all of which will help you take your operations to the next level, even amidst the logistical and economic challenges impacting our industry. Check back as the series continues throughout November, December, and into the new year.


Blog #1: Planning for The Long Game 

To lead off our new series, we’ll help you prepare for the new year by offering insights and lessons learned to support your long-term growth, including recommendations to build a strong fleet management strategy, address supply chain constraints, and optimize internal processes without adding complexity. Additionally, we’ll discuss why the common practice of placing orders according to the seasonality of your business may need to be revised.


Blog #2: Diversifying Your Fleet and Other Best Practices 

In the second blog of our series, we’ll outline best practices to ensure you’re equipped to maximize your revenue stream, including the value of fleet diversification and the obstacles you might experience if you aren’t diversified. Further, we’ll provide a framework for developing a “Plan B” to protect against shifts in the market and explain why chassis brand loyalty might pose unique challenges during an unexpected shortage. 


Blog #3: Navigating Turbulent Times

Continuing the series, we’ll share positive lessons learned while navigating the most common industry challenges in recent years and reveal how Curry’s brand ethos (Fearless. Driven. Proven.) inspired innovative solutions, ultimately leading us into the future of manufacturing. 


Blog #4: Shifts in The Market Call for Operational Changes

In the fourth and final blog of the series, we’ll discuss how shifts in the market demand an operational overhaul, when to consider utilizing automation, and why resilience matters. We’ll also guide you through Curry’s commitment to supporting customers amidst economic challenges, ongoing delays, and the synergetic complexities of the current market.


We’re excited to dive into the first blog, “Planning for the Long Game,” and we hope you follow along through the entire series as we present expert advice and support to help you plan for the new year.




At Curry, we view the world differently and believe challenges are opportunities to grow and develop innovative methods to deliver the whole value stream to our customers. We stand by our values; we have lived and breathed them every day since 1932.We’re fearless, driven, and proven in the way we do business. That’s why Curry is one of the most trusted brands in the manufacturing industry.

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