High-Performance Water Truck Tanks for Sale in Houston, TX

Ready-made and custom water truck tanks from an industry-leading manufacturer.

Dependable off-road articulated water tank systems

Quality watering equipment is critical to reducing downtime in the demanding mining and construction industry and other challenging applications. At Curry Supply, you will find rugged off-road articulated water tanks which range in capacity and diversity of additional features with custom options available. If you prefer to get a water tank in Houston, TX or nationwide built to your specifications, we can prepare your personalized recommendation based on your input on tank capacity and other features and benefits, depending on your jobsite requirements.

Setting the bar for manufacturers of water truck tanks in Houston

At Curry Supply, we are constantly exploring newly developed technology to deliver water tank system enhancements and we are always in pursuit of structural improvements and other upgrades for our products. Reach out to us for more information on off-road water truck tanks for sale available so we can help you reach an informed decision and maximize your return on investment in the long term. We employ all our resources to give our customers in Houston and the nation durable solutions tailored to their needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do water trucks hold?

    This depends on the capacity of your water tank. At Curry Supply, we carry light yet strong and stable water tanks of various sizes. At our facilities in Houston, TX, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, we stock 5,000 to 9,000 gallon-tanks, but we can also have a water tank built to your specifications and fabricated with individualized components.

  • What are articulated water tanks?

    Articulated water tanks are water tanks for articulated truck chassis. Curry Supply’s off-road water tanks feature the lowest center of gravity in the industry, as well as an integrated interlocking baffle system.

    The tank is mounted quickly and easily: the process saves you time and does not interfere with the tank frame as it does not require any welding.

    Articulated water tanks are versatile. Functions include soil stabilization, compaction and equipment cleaning capability.

  • How do you take care of a water tank?

    Curry Supply’s products come with interior coating which prevents rust and corrosion. This extends the life of a water tank even over a long period of heavy use.

    Off-road water tank’s service life depends on two key factors:

    • The quality of water the tank is dispensing.
    • The environment, application and usage of the tank.

    Water tank maintenance is a simple and straightforward process, but the process frequency depends on your specific application and usage in Houston or nationwide:

    • The water pump should be greased once or twice a week.
    • The hydraulic filter should be inspected periodically and replaced if needed.
    • Individual elements and overall condition of the tank should be inspected periodically.
  • How are water tanks built?

    At our facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Houston, TX, we make steel water tanks for trucks with 100%-welded seams. This enhances the structural integrity of the tank and gives it additional strength.

    Our heavy duty water tanks also feature a unique 6” rear cab-controlled gravity dump with a splash plate. The gravity dump system enables you to fully empty the tank and the splash plate serves as a backup plan in the event that the hydraulics or the water pump fail.

    Our water tanks require no welding or cutting during installation or repairs, which helps preserve their integrity while leaving its heads intact. Additionally, hydraulic lines and the water pump can be replaced just as quickly and easily in case of failure.

  • What specific water tank features can I order?

    When you order a Curry Supply water tank, a certain set of items is already included in the product by default. However, you may require additional options or features. But what happens if you are uncertain about what options and features to get?

    You do not have to make up your mind right away. Any additional components can be added at a later time. Much like the installation process, additional component installation can be done in one of our facilities or on-site. Having the installation performed at our Houston facility may be the quickest solution if your jobsite is located in Houston and the surrounding areas.

    Options include safety and functionality improvements such as safety handrails, creek fills, front spray bar, backup camera, in-cab water level gauge, etc.

    We also offer the cutting-edge integrated electronic spray control system upgrade which helps you economize on water consumption and reduce loading frequency. This sophisticated, programmable dust suppression system monitors and controls water distribution, giving you full control over the amount of water that your water tank dispenses, water placement and water distribution timing.

    Last but not least, Curry Supply relies on multiple source components, which means you can easily procure replacement parts as and when needed, and in a manner that is cost-effective, efficient and convenient.

  • Can I order on-site installation of a heavy-duty water tanker for sale in Houston?

    Absolutely! For your convenience, we offer on-site installation at your location in Houston, statewide, nationwide and worldwide.

    However, the no-welding required feature considerably facilitates and expedites installation, which leaves you with another convenient option: to get your water tank in kit form for easy self-assembly. We can ship it out to you with detailed instructions so your mechanics can perform the installation. If they need additional guidance, we are always ready to offer our assistance and support.

    Finally, we offer in-plant installation at our three facilities, located in Houston, TX, Gilbert, AZ and Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. It is entirely up to you. Meanwhile, browse our inventory which includes but is not limited to water tanks and rugged crash attenuator trucks at our Houston facility or online and shop for accessories or contact us for an in-depth consultation and personalized recommendations. Let us help you make the right call!

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