High-Quality Vacuum Trucks For Sale in Phoenix

Get a fleet of vacuum trucks you can always rely on

Our oilfield vacuum trucks offer durability & dependability

Curry Supply manufacturers rugged and dependable oilfield vacuum trucks for sale expertly designed and meticulously tested to provide maximum operating capacity in the oil and gas industry. Our specialized vacuum trucks available in Phoenix and the area are able to withstand rough working conditions of any given environment. They also bring additional potential to increase the productivity, revenue, and uptime of your business.

All Curry Supply specialized trucks and equipment are produced to the highest safety standards and designed to provide our customers with the functionality their business demands.

80, 100, 110, 120 or 130 BBL

5/16″ domed heads

1/4″ thick steel tank


Stress free mounting system

4″ unloading ports

36″ rear manway lids

HD rear bumper

Driver side ladder for added convenience

Ball float level indicator

LINE-X® finished bolt on full length fenders

Storage trays


Work lights

Front bumper

Full line of NVE®, Masport®, and Fruitland® pumps

Additional loading ports

Strobe light packages

Stainless steel tanks

Available in kit form

DOT tanks

ASME Certified tanks available

100 BBL tanks to meet Federal Bridge Law compliance

Stress-free mounting system for increased truck life

All tanks blasted, prepped, and painted for long tank life and corrosion resistance

Special tank designs easily accommodated

Available in kit form for self-assembly


Vacuum trucks in Phoenix engineered to the highest standards

Here at Curry Supply, our vacuum trucks offer various advanced specifications that the oil and gas industry demands: customized tanks that adhere to the Federal Bridge Law and that possess ASME certification, tanks that are corrosion resistant, and lightweight mounting systems. It is this type of advanced engineering that separates Curry Supply specialized vacuum trucks from the competition.

Curry Supply vacuum trucks available for sale feature work lights, storage trays, 36” manway lids on the rear, 4” ports for unloading, ¼” stell tanks, and 5/16” domed heads. You can choose from a wide range of optional equipment to further improve the performance of your oilfield vacuum trucks. Contact us and we’ll answer all the questions you might have, bringing you one step closer to securing reliable vacuum trucks for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a vacuum truck work?

    Vacuum trucks use a powerful pump to remove all air from the holding tank, which creates a vacuum inside the tank. When the vacuum truck operator opens both the primary and the secondary shutoff valve, suction hoses force the tank to equalize the pressure inside, which allows the vacuum truck to suck up various sludges and liquids.

    The ability of a vacuum truck to handle more difficult jobs that require higher suction power is influenced by the power of the pump and the quality of the truck’s equipment. You can always depend on Curry Supply to provide vacuum trucks for sale all over Phoenix and the area that are built with the highest-quality equipment and able to handle any jobs you have. Contact us today!

  • When would you use a vacuum truck?

    Vacuum trucks find their use in different industries, and they are often employed by municipalities, public works departments, as well as independent contractors. There are two most common uses for vacuum trucks, and they are:

    • Tasks in the oil and gas industry
    • Tasks in the septic businesses

    Curry Supply is the leading vacuum truck manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.You can always rely on us to provide the dependable and carefully engineered oilfield vacuum trucks to help boost the productivity and the uptime of your business.

  • What do vacuum trucks do in oilfields?

    Industrial vacuum trucks are essential in the oil and gas industry. These specialized trucks are employed to dispose of any water remaining from numerous hydraulic fracturing operations that are a frequent occurrence in oilfields. The two biggest benefits that oilfield vacuum trucks bring to the oil and gas industry are increased revenue and reduced downtime.

    If you’re looking for dependable oilfield vacuum trucks for sale to boost your oil and gas business in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, you can always turn to Curry Supply for modern and durable vacuum trucks, as well as a diverse selection of specialized equipment.

  • How many gallons does a vacuum truck hold?

    The capacity of vacuum truck tanks is always measured in BBL, or barrels, and it can significantly vary depending on the client and industry needs. Curry Supply offers top-quality steel tanks for vacuum trucks that come in sizes of 80, 100, 110, 120, and 130 BBL. It is up to you to select the tank size that your business needs, and it is up to us to manufacture it to the highest standards of quality. Visit our website or call us directly for more information!

  • Where can I purchase reliable & rugged vacuum trucks for sale in Phoenix, AZ & the region?

    Curry Supply is the leading vacuum truck manufacturer not only in Phoenix, but all across the United States. What’s more, we ship all our products globally, so wherever in the world your business is located, you can depend on Curry Supply to deliver high-performing oilfield vacuum trucks to your location.

    Furthermore, we are a manufacturer of different types of specialized trucks and equipment for use in various demanding industries. In addition to vacuum trucks, we also offer rugged rail gear trucks for sale to fit your needs. You can always rely on Curry Supply to bring you ready-made and customized trucks for your industry needs. Reach out to us today!

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