#1 Versatran 6T Retriever® Trucks for Sale in Phoenix

Discover the Versatran 6T Retriever® industrial carrier truck.

Explore the characteristics of the Versatran 6T Retriever® carrier truck

Curry Supply is your reputable provider of dependable Versatran 6T Retriever®  trucks in Phoenix. This is an advanced carrier truck that has many exceptional features that will help streamline your business operations and make them more efficient. The 6T Retriever® carrier truck boasts a ramp system that enables faster cycle times and the capability for no-idling operations. It also has an air-operated curved platform that is coupled with the industry-lowest rear deck for maximum ease of use. These features make the Versatran 6T Retriever® transporter truck a great option for your company’s diverse needs.

6T non-CDL (12,000 lb. legal payload)

20’ X 102” bed, Single Stage Ramp

Designated for single rear-axle trucks

On GVWR: 26K

Loading Dock System

Lodar Radio Remote Controls, all deck functions

Aluminum Chain Rack with Tray

60" Amber Light Bar with Beacons, Work Lights, Stop, Tail and Turn Signals

Snatch Block, 30,000 lb. Rating

Auxiliary Generator, 3KW Diesel

Back-up Camera System, Single Camera

Air Operated Deck & 3-Position Ramp

Exclusive No-Idle Operating System

High Strength Steel Deck

68 Keyslot Tie-Down Points

High Strength Steel Headboard

Slip-Resistant, Punched, Debossed holes provide traction

Lockable, Lighted Aluminum Control Box

All LED Lighting

Weatherproof Harnesses and Connectors Throughout

Class 4 Receiver Hitch

7 Pole House Trailer Type

Electric Brake Controller

Access Steps

15,000 lb. Warn Industrial Electric Winch, Center Mounted

Under Deck Chain Storage Boxes

Chain Binder Storage Racks

Tool Box, Aluminum, Left, 18" X 18" X 36" Single Door

Dual Mini Light Bars

Extra High Intensity Amber Flashing Side Beacons, (4)

Work Lights, Upper & Lower (4)


We provide reliable Versatran 6T Retriever® trucks in Phoenix

Curry Supply strives to provide our valued clients across Phoenix with access to the most advanced specialized commercial vehicles on the market. That is why we have chosen to partner with Versatran and make the 6T Retriever® industrial transporter truck part of our offer. Versatran has created a carrier truck that possesses modern operating features that allow it to be versatile, dependable, and very easy to operate. The Versatran 6T Retriever® has a unique design that enables it to perform a variety of specialized on and off-site tasks that will extend the scope of your business capabilities and boost your productivity.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the advantages of the Versatran 6T Retriever®?

    The Versatran 6T Retriever® industrial carrier truck has several advanced features that separate it from the competition. These characteristics allow the Versatran 6T Retriever® better flexibility, ease of operation, and flexibility:

    • Single stage ramp 20’ x 102” bed: This type of truck bed allows easier and safer equipment loading and eased load securing operations.
    • No-idling system: The Versatran 6T Retriever® has a ramp-operating system that does not require the operator to idle the engine in order to use it, which lowers downtime.
    • 3-position ramp with an air-operated rear deck: These features reduce dead weight and allow for a wider variety of potential applications.
    • Custom options: Finally, Curry Supply brings you the capability to add different features to customize your Versatran 6T Retriever® to perfectly suit your specific needs.
  • What makes the Versatran 6T Retriever® truck efficient?

    The Versatran 6T Retriever® transporter truck is a choice of many business owners due to its unique features that make its operations more efficient, thus allowing you to make your entire business more productive. The 6T Retriever® manages that with:

    • Cutting-edge no-idling operating capability
    • Flexible design that remains rugged and dependable
    • Access steps that provide improved convenience
    • Maximum of 68 tie-down points
    • Exceptionally fast loading and unloading cycles

    If you’re looking for available Versatran 6T Retriever® trucks for sale in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact Curry Supply. We are here to provide you with both the 6T Retriever® carrier truck, as well as additional features to customize its capabilities.

  • What safety features does the 6T Retriever® have?

    The Versatran 6T Retriever® transporter trucks have several unique safety features that make it stand apart from other industrial carrier trucks you can purchase in Phoenix and the area. The three most important safety features of the Versatran 6T Retriever® are:

    • Low rear deck height allows truck operators to secure any load entirely from the ground, eliminating any necessity to climb the rear deck while securing the load.
    • Specialized high-traction surface coatings that improve the footing of all personnel in charge of operating it.
    • Low angle for loading that reduces the potential for equipment or vehicles sliding off the rear deck while being loaded.
  • Why is the Retriever® 6T air-operated?

    Versatran 6T Retriever® trucks have a platform that is air-operated, which is an advancement over the traditional hydraulic-operated platforms. There are several reasons behind the implementation of such a feature:

    • Air-operated system provides all Versatran 6T Retriever® industrial carrier trucks no-idling capability.
    • Such a system makes Versatran 6T Retriever® transporters more eco-friendly by eliminating the potential for oil spilling.
    • These trucks do not require warming-up operations when the weather is cold because of the air-operated system.
    • Such a system  is approximately 3,000 lbs lighter than its hydraulic counterpart, making the entire Versatran 6T Retriever® industrial carrier lighter.
    • There is no need for a PTO or a hydraulic pump since an air-operated system uses an air dryer and a compressor that are already present.
  • Which company offers Versatran 6T Retriever® trucks for sale in Phoenix?

    Curry Supply has the mission to provide our customers access to modern, dependable, and versatile industrial transporter trucks across Phoenix and the area. This is the main reason why we chose to partner with Versatran and why we are happy to help you improve your business operations by acquiring a Versatran 6T carrier truck.

    Additionally, you can also choose heaviest-carrying Versatran 20T Retriever® industrial carriers, or the excellent Versatran 15T Retriever® transporter trucks in Phoenix. Finally, feel free to browse our selection of other specialized commercial vehicles such as crash attenuator trucks available in Phoenix and across the country ad glove. Contact us at your convenience!

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