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Curry Supply provides you with expertly designed fuel/lube trucks in Houston, Texas, as well as across the country and the globe. We help facilitate your daily workflow and bring you improved maneuverability in rugged and off-road environments. Our preventative maintenance trucks are made for efficient transport of fuel and lubrication and reducing expensive downtime. You can choose from our on- and off-road truck bodies as well as our open or closed fuel-lube trucks and trailers depending on your unique needs. We can help boost your fleet’s performance and increase your work site productivity and safety by offering a variety of customizable options.

Curry Supply: the leader among fuel and lube truck manufacturers in Houston

At Curry Supply, we pride ourselves on being one of the recognized fuel and lube truck manufacturers nationwide. We can help you upgrade your fleet with flexible, convenient, and durable PM trucks designed to minimize costly delays and interruptions. Our offer of preventative maintenance trucks includes both standard fuel/lube trucks and specialized lube trailers and skids. No matter what you need may be, our vehicles can bring you boosted productivity, streamlined workflow, and extreme durability even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are fuel and lube trucks?

    A specialized fuel and lube truck is a preventive maintenance vehicle designed for transporting lubrication and fuel supply to work sites. These vehicles can increase the efficiency of oil lubricant changes and refueling tasks, as well as facilitate the greasing of components, antifreeze changing, water delivery, and other maintenance tasks you may perform at your work site in Houston. At Curry Supply, we can provide you with both ready-made and custom fuel and lube trucks with versatile features that can meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

  • What are the types of fuel and lube trucks?

    Depending on your specific fuel and lube needs, you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to preventative maintenance trucks. At Curry Supply, we offer customizable solutions with a variety of accessories and configurations, as well as ready-made options such as:

    • Fuel trucks for on-road applications
    • Open fuel and lube trucks for on-road applications
    •  Enclosed off-road and on-road fuel and lube trucks
    • Preventive maintenance service lube trucks
    • Van lube trucks
  • What is a preventive maintenance truck used for?

    You can use a preventive maintenance truck for a variety of applications in Houston, including:

    • Delivery of oil lubricants and liquid fuels
    • Antifreeze delivery and replacement
    • Vehicle inspection and servicing
    • Equipment inspection and servicing

    The trucks we offer at Curry Supply are designed to provide versatile functionality for all your fuel and lube and PM service needs. You can choose from light, medium, and heavy duty trucks with various capacities of service truck fuel tanks and a range of additional features. Whether you’re looking for a 1000 or a 2000-gallon fuel lube truck for sale in Houston, get in touch with us and we’ll make sure to meet your unique needs.

  • Should I get a custom fuel and lube truck?

    While there are great ready-made fuel and lube trucks and trailers available for sale in Houston, a custom solution is a smart choice if your work site has unique requirements. For instance, you may need a truck with a closed fuel tank that enables you to use the vehicle in harsh weather without worrying about safety hazards or you may opt for an off-road vehicle made for rugged terrains.

    No matter what your specific needs may be, reliable fuel and lube truck manufacturers can provide you with carefully designed and engineered custom vehicles that meet your needs and help boost productivity and revenue.

    You can depend on our expert team at Curry Supply to evaluate your specific preventive maintenance needs and work with you to create a truck that brings you maximum benefits and minimizes costly downtime. This may include choosing the ideal tank supply capacity and cabinet configuration as well as adding extra features that streamline your workflow. We are your go-to company if you want to maximize the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your work site in Houston.

  • Where can I find new fuel and lube trucks for sale?

    Choose Curry Supply and enjoy versatile custom solutions to your preventative maintenance needs. With vast experience and expertise-based craftsmanship, our team can help customers in a wide range of industries by offering high-quality trucks for both on-road and off-road applications.

    The Curry Supply approach is based on transparency, integrity, and professionalism. Our customers value us for our rich product offer, as well as our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and convenience. Whether you need a fuel truck or wish to add a reliable mechanics truck to your fleet in Houston, we’ll provide you with a solution tailored to the unique needs of your industry. Get in touch with our helpful team now.

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