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Curry Supply is here to bring you dependable attenuator trucks to help you protect the wellbeing of roadside workers and passing motorists. We manufacture and sell sturdy crash attenuator trucks in Houston relying on expert design and engineering in order to meet federal and state work zone safety requirements. These high-performance vehicles are equipped with a heavy-duty flatbed, powder-coated body, stake sides, and easy to use controls, among other advanced features. It is our goal to provide attenuator trucks that are reliable, durable, and convenient for use in numerous industries.

TrafFix Scorpion® TMA Model TL-3 attenuator

Wanco® arrow board available with 15 or 25 LED lights

Meets all federal and state regulations for impact

Control panels inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy attenuator and arrow board

Shatterproof arrow board lights

Solar powered arrow board

Crash rated up to 65 mph

Crash attenuator and arrow board can be installed on all 26,000 GVWR or greater chassis makes and models, new or used

Heavy Duty Flatbed, powder coated, LINE-X® lined and high visibility yellow accents in critical areas

Integrated man baskets both curb and street sides to keep your workers safe and out of traffic when deploying cones

Man baskets are lighted and use high visibility non slip coatings to keep safety front of mind regardless of the time of day you’re operating

Meets all work zone safety requirements

LINE-X® lined deck

Powder coated body and stake sides

Crash Attenuator Trucks meet all federal and state regulations for impact

Crash Attenuator Trucks meet all work zone safety requirements

Engineered and manufactured in Curry Supply's ISO 9001 compliant facility


Curry Supply is #1 among attenuator truck manufacturers in Houston

As a leader among crash attenuator truck manufacturers in Texas and across the country, Curry Supply provides you with carefully engineered vehicles designed to help ensure highway safety and comply with relevant regulations. Some of the unique features of our trucks include man baskets for high visibility, LINE-X lined deck, solar-powered control board, and the cutting edge Scorpion® crash attenuator. Thanks to their design and build quality, our attenuator trucks are made for absorbing high-speed vehicle impact and protecting the safety of roadside workers and motorists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are crash attenuator trucks?

    Crash attenuator or impact trucks are vehicles specifically designed to help minimize the risks of injury to roadside workers and motorists resulting from potential collisions. An attenuator truck can be placed at a temporary or fixed highway structure (crash barrier, gore point, overpass support, or construction project in Houston) to serve as a protective measure against vehicle crashes. This is achieved by using tested materials and features such as truck-mounted attenuators to absorb kinetic impact and help save lives.

  • What type is a Scorpion® crash attenuator?

    The crash attenuator trucks we sell at Curry Supply all feature a Scorpion® TMA truck mounted attenuator, precisely the model TL-3. This device is known for its dependability, sturdiness, and careful design meant to effectively absorb high-speed impact from collisions. Additionally, Scorpion® TMA devices are also designed to redirect colliding vehicles away from roadside machinery and workers.

    Federal and state regulations on work zone safety typically specify a minimum TMA truck mass and the minimum buffer zone between an attenuator truck and the work area. This is done to minimize the chances of the vehicle being propelled forward by the collision and save the lives of Houston workers and motorists.

  • What is an attenuator truck used for?

    Governing bodies,companies, and municipalities use attenuator trucks to help protect the driving public and roadside workers from vehicle collisions, both high and low speed. This is done to reduce the risk of serious injuries and machinery damage. An attenuator device mounted on a vehicle can dissipate the kinetic energy of the collision and redirect it from workers and machinery. If you are looking for reliable crash attenuator trucks for sale in Houston, make sure to contact Curry Supply and learn more about our high-quality vehicles.

  • How do energy absorbing devices such as crash attenuators work to provide roadside safety?

    A truck-mounted crash attenuator primarily works by creating a crumple buffer zone to absorb kinetic energy generated in a collision. The components of this device include strut and cartridge sections connected on a support frame, as well as curved side rails made from aluminum. These features are designed to offer full-width collision protection and enable redirection of incoming vehicles from the truck itself and the work site.

    When it comes to the TrafFix Scorpion® TMA attenuators we use at Curry Supply, their high-performance has been tested and proven in various impact absorption inspections and tests. This includes a “worst case” test for side-angle redirective impact as well as a variety of requirements proposed in NCHRP-350. If you want to help enhance work zone safety in Houston with carefully designed and tested attenuator trucks, don’t hesitate to give us a call and learn more.

  • Where is a crash attenuator located?

    A truck-mounted crash attenuator can be placed at a variety of fixed and temporary roadside structures, including construction projects, bridge parapets, crash barriers, toll gates, overpass supports, guard rails, and gore points. In addition to a specialized attenuator truck, crash devices can also be installed on snow plows, road construction, and maintenance vehicles.

  • What are the benefits of using a crash attenuator truck?

    If you do your research when choosing crash attenuator truck manufacturers in Houston, you’ll be able to reap the main benefits of these specialized vehicles, such as:

    • Helping protect roadside employees and motorists from injury caused by high-speed vehicle collisions.
    • Warning passing drivers of potential safety hazards with indicators that are attached to the rear end of the truck.
    • Redirecting wayward motor vehicles from the truck’s rear end to minimize the collision impact.
  • Where can I find reliable crash attenuator trucks for sale in Houston, TX?

    At Curry Supply, we design, manufacture, and sell high-quality attenuator trucks, both ready-made and customized to meet the needs of our customers in Houston. Our vehicles feature powder-coated bodies, sturdy flatbeds, and solar-powered arrow boards designed with the user in mind. In addition to our crash attenuator trucks, we also provide dependable fuel/lube trucks in Houston and many other specialized vehicles. All of our trucks are backed up by great warranties, competitive prices, and full service and parts support. Contact us today to learn more.

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