Blast Booth Renovated, Productivity Improves

MARTINSBURG, PA – With the goal of continually improving their painting process, Curry Supply Company completely renovated the blast and reclamation system in their paint facility with new state-of-the-art equipment and realized an increase in productivity and efficiency as a result.

The importance of proper surface blasting cannot be understated. Before paint and tank lining can be applied to raw steel, the surface must be blasted to remove surface imperfections and to create a deep enough profile for superior paint adhesion. If the surface is not prepped properly paint quality will be compromised and the risk of rust increases.

The reclamation system used for years by Curry Supply was adequate and produced the necessary paint quality results, but was replaced this month with a more efficient system to gain efficiencies not available with the old system.  Using a rotating auger and elevator system now, virgin blast material is loaded into an underground trough. The auger sends the 24 grit aluminum oxide material up an elevator into a separation tank where unusable material is discarded and reusable material goes back into the main hopper to be recycled and used again.

The benefits of the new blast reclamation system are many. First, the system is fully automatic so it only runs when it needs to, saving electricity. Next, paint facility technicians do not have to stop their work as frequently to load the storage tanks since the auger moves the blast material into the storage tanks in preparation for usage as needed. This saves time and permits the technicians to keep working, thereby boosting their productivity.

The most significant benefit of the new reclamation system impacts the finished product. By better monitoring the useable and unusable blast material, the paint technician can more closely monitor the depth of the blast profile. A consistent depth profile ensures the highest quality paint and tank lining adhesion.

Curry Supply Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1932.  Over the past 80 years, Curry Supply has grown into one of America’s largest manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles including on- and off road water trucks, mechanics trucks, service trucks, on- and off-road fuel/lube trucks, vacuum trucks, winch trucks, dump trucks, and lube skids.  Curry Supply delivers internationally, with sales and service provided throughout the United States.

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